Luxury cabin

28m2 luxury cabin for 6 persons.

Restroom with a shower and toilet, large spacious kitchen/family room equipped with dishwasher, oven, cooker, air conditioning and TV with DVD player. There are stairs from the living room up to a spacious bed loft with room to stand and two good bunks. There is also a separate bedroom with a 3/4 bed.

Remember to bring you own sheets and bedding.

The cabins are equipped with all you need for a plesant stay.


In the kitchen there is a dishwasher, oven, stove, aircondition, TV and DVD player

  • 2 sizes of plates, soup plates
  • Knifes, forks, spoons, teaspoons, potato spoon, and soup spoon
  • Cups, glasses, wineglasses, and shotglasses
  • Eggcups, stainer and scissor
  • Glassbowl and potatobowl
  • Breadbasket
  • Platter, 2 ovenproof dishes, 3 pots and 1 pan
  • Can, corkscrew, and bottle opener
  • Candlesticks
  • Cuttingboard, breadknife, meatknife, and potato peeler
  • Saladservers
  • Egg slicer, can opener, and cheese slicer
  • Palette and whisk
  • Bowls and toaster
  • Mixer, coffeemaker, ketle, teapot og coffeepot
  • Bucket, broom, cloth, and clothes hangers
  • Drying rack and vacuum cleaner
  • 6 duvets, 6 pillows, and mattresses

On the patio there is a table and 6 chairs.

Pictures of the luxury cabin