Transit cabin

14 m2 transit cabin for 4 persons (2 adults and 2 children).

Living room with convertible sofa, bunk and a kitchen niche with kitchenette. There is a TV with DVD player, hotplates and an electric heating system.
Also there is a seperate restroom with a toilet and wash basin. The showers are located in the servicebuilding.
Remember to bring you own sheets and bedding.
The cabins are equipped with all you need for a plesant stay.


Livingroom with a sofa, bunkbeds, 4 chairs, a table, TV, dvd player, and a small kitchen with hotplates and an electric heating system.

  • 2 sizes of plates and soup plates
  • Knifes, forks, spoons, teaspoons, potatospoon, and soupspoon
  • Cups, glasses, wineglasses, and shotglasses
  • Eggcups and scissor
  • Glassbowl and potatobowl
  • Platter, ovenproof dishes, 3 pots and 1 pan
  • Can, corkscrew, and bottle opener
  • Cuttingboard, breadknife, meatknife, and potato peeler
  • Egg slicer, can opener, and cheese slicer
  • Palette and whisk
  • bowls and toaster
  • Mixer, coffeemaker, ketle, teapot
  • Bucket, broom, and cloth
  • 4 duvets, 4 pillows, and mattresses

On the patio there is a table and 4 chairs.

Pictures of the transit cabins