Attractions in Skagen

Here in Skagen you will find very special holiday experiences. Here you will find wild nature such as the Grenen, Råbjerg Mile and the Sanded Church.


Skagen Museum » 1,6 km

Skagen Museum

Discover Skagens Museum, which is an art museum with works by, among others. Ancher, Krøyer and Drachmann.
The Buried Church » 7 km

The Buried Church

The tower of the old parish church, dating from the 1300s. In 1795 the church closed due to the covering of sand.
Skagen town and regional museum » 4 km

Skagen town and regional museum

Cultural History Museum, focusing on fishing, rescue and maritime.
Teddy Bear Museum » 1,5 km

Teddy Bear Museum

Scandinavia's only teddy bear museum, with lots of teddy bears with historical background.
Drachmann's House » 4,2 km

Drachmann's House

Holger Drachmann's home where he managed to live for 6 years before dying in 1908.
Skagen Bunker Museum » 2,5 km

Skagen Bunker Museum

Explore a World War II bunker.
The Culture House » 2,2 km

The Culture House

The old school is now furnished with library, cinema and music school, as well as many exciting events.
North Sea Museum » 50 km

North Sea Museum

Northern Europe's largest aquarium. Come experience life below the surface.
Ancher's house » 1,5 km

Ancher's house

Artist couple Anne and Michael Ancher's house. The house stands as it did in 1935.
Skagen Odde nature center » 4,3 km

Skagen Odde nature center

Construction by Jørn Utzon, with exhibitions on water, wind, light and sand.
Farm Fun » 24 km

Farm Fun

Fun for the whole family, with playground, tractor ride and many different animals.
Football Golf » 2,1 km

Football Golf

Fun for the whole family, with obstacles to some of Skagen's sights.


Grenen » 2,5 km


Denmark's northernmost point where 2 gardens meet. Take a walk in the Sandworm, which runs all the way to the tip.
The gray lighthouse » 2 km

The gray lighthouse

Forms the framework for an international experience center for migratory birds, and experience Denmark's northernmost point from a height of 46 meters.
Råbjerg mile » 18,5 km

Råbjerg mile

One of Europe's largest hiking dunes, which moves approx. 15 meters a year.
Eagle reserve » 27,7 km

Eagle reserve

Watch closely the world's largest eagle being fed.
Sunset Square » 6,2 km

Sunset Square

Enjoy the beautiful sunset, at the newly erected site in Gl. Skagen.
South Beach » 1,8 km

South Beach

One of the city's lovely beaches, with lifeguards


Skagen Harbor » 2,2 km

Skagen Harbor

Denmark's northernmost fishing and marina, where there is plenty of life and activity.
Shopping » 2 km


Enjoy the beautiful city, with plenty of shops and cafes.
Grenensporet » 2,5 km


Experience the beautiful trails in the wild for legs or cycling.
Bowling » 3,1 km


Bowling center with several indoor activities, as well as outdoor jumping country.
Indoor pool » 2.5 km

Indoor pool

Swimming pool with lashes and slide.
Playground and skating rink » 2.2 km

Playground and skating rink

In the center of town there is a large playground and skating rink with ramps.